The Podcasting Course is the first ever course dedicated to medical education podcast production - by podcasters - for podcasters. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this interactive, small-group, hands-on immersive experience will help you not only sharpen your technical podcasting skills, but give you valuable knowledge, tips and tricks gleaned from world-class educators and broadcasters.

Through dedicated workshops and presentations led by a select group of passionate medical education podcasters (with no more than a 1:5 instructor to participant ratio), you will have the opportunity to learn about the entire podcasting process from pre-production to post-production to distribution, including scripting, gear options, recording techniques, interviewing best practices, audio editing, sound effects and stingers, and hosting and disseminating your podcast.

Learning technical skills is just the start. You’ll also learn how to use your voice and personality effectively, how to apply evidence-based educational principles to podcasting, and how to build and maintain an attentive, loyal audience through effective branding.

The course will culminate with your own ready-for-publication podcast that will incorporate all that you’ve learned from the course.


The Podcasting Course will be held in Lexington, Kentucky.

The course will be held at the amazing 21c Museum Hotel.
More travel and lodge information will be available soon.


This course has been created and is sponsored by TTI


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